The Kindness of Strangers

Cameron Highlands, 2010. I've made an unlikely friendship with the gardener at the hotel. What happens next challenges the culture I have grown up in, and I learn a new skill - eating with my hands. 'No, you're not doing it right. Here, I'll show you.' He grabs a handful and shoves it in my face, pushing his thumb towards my mouth. 'That's how you do it.'

7 Websites Solo Female Travellers Should Bookmark

Travelling solo offers a level of independence and adventure that can be hard to find on group trips. It puts me in situations - normally hilarious, sometimes precarious - that I wouldn’t otherwise enter. I'm also a woman living in a society in which many people still think it's 'brave' to travel alone. I've never liked stereotypes. But these days social media means that researching potential adventures is easier than ever before. Here's a list of 7 useful resources for solo female travellers to learn from, socialise in, join, or just be aware of. Because we're not necessarily brave, and we're not boring. We're part of this massive, adventurous community. And as Caitlin Moran writes in 'How to Be a Woman,' we're really just some of 'The Guys', just humans, 'in this together.' We shouldn't need gender-specific travel advice - but until society dispels the fears we're told to have, and until all cultures treat women equally, it helps to have a few tips and tricks from the other guys.

A Scuba City Interrail Combo Itinerary

Interrailing is an adventurer's paradise. With an open rail ticket, you'll have the option to explore up to 31 countries with little need for planning. Better yet, if you're under 28 you're counted as a 'youth,' so you'll receive a discount on the pass. Not a massive fan of cities? The Interrail pass gives you … Continue reading A Scuba City Interrail Combo Itinerary

Ski in Lillehammer for 4 days and Explore Oslo for 3 – The Guide and Itinerary

Lillehammer, Norway. Photo date: Feb 2019. You might think that Norway is an expensive country to ski in, and you wouldn't be wrong. However, it is currently cheap to get to by plane from the UK. Today (18/09/2019) Ryanair are selling some flights for as low as £12 return! With prices this low, there's nothing … Continue reading Ski in Lillehammer for 4 days and Explore Oslo for 3 – The Guide and Itinerary