5 Days in a Beautiful Swedish Archipelago

This is an Adventures, Planned itinerary for 5 days of kayaking and wild camping in the Saint Anna archipelago, which is aptly nicknamed, 'Kayak Paradise.' The itinerary includes a day for arrival and transport to the starting location, and an optional 2-3 days of exploration in Stockholm at the end of the trip.

Kayaking Expeditions – The Kit List

So, you've decided that you'd like to explore an archipelago by kayak? You've checked the itineraries, required skills, and you have a group of friends who are happy to join? All you need to do now is book and make sure that everyone has the right kit. Most kayaking companies will provide the option of … Continue reading Kayaking Expeditions – The Kit List

Kayaking the Finnish Archipelago and Exploring the Cities: Itinerary

This itinerary is for a 10-11 day trip, including a 5 day self-guided kayaking expedition for 3+ people in Turku, Finland, with added days to explore Helsinki and Tallin or St Petersberg as you wish. It's customisable, easy to follow and is cheaper and more flexible than booking the whole trip with an organisation.